Engaging, timely, and compelling commentary on the state of our human connection. Watch it — let it reorient how you interact with the people, places and things around you. Small actions have HUGE impacts.

Evan Paul Spencer

This movie was a game changer in my life. I knew community was important, and that we’re so cut off in our lives from our communities, but what I didn’t realize is how much I was part of that disconnect! This movie has changed how I interact with strangers, acquaintances, and people I know very well.

Definitely a must-see!!

Sarah Griffin

This film assisted us in creating a space that enabled our audience to reflect on the human need for belonging and highlighted that meaningful relationships with others is what drives our sense of belonging. This in turn helped youth delegates and adults in our audience to connect in a meaningful way, and to recognize the gaps that exist in our society, so that together we can continue to address the barriers of isolation for all people living in our communities. The message of this film is timely and relevant to audiences of all ages.

Emily Branje
Community Living Ontario

This documentary is a comprehensive look at all the societal trends that are contributing to our modern sense of loneliness and disconnection. As someone who has tried to make new friends and find a community in a big city, I see these issues all around me. I hope we can all heed the messages in this film and put more time and energy into our social connections—which are crucial to our happiness and well-being and the flourishing of our societies.

Kira Newman

Here in the City of Edmonton, we have a civic department called “The Neighbourhoods Services”, staff work hard to stand with neighbourhood leaders as they focus on building their local communities. This documentary is a tool that leaps that work forward. Municipalities, NGO’s, neighbourhood leadership all stand to advance the neighbouring movement through the showing of this compelling work.

Howard Lawrence
Abundant Community Coordinator City of Edmonton

What an engaging and empowering film. The Great Disconnect thoughtfully explores the modern paradox of being ever more connected, virtually, while genuine and meaningful friendships, conversations, moments can be hard to find and hold onto. The film is heartfelt and inspiring, and I hope to bring its messages into positive changes in my own life. In fact I started today, with just a little extra effort to attend a social gathering with work colleagues. I already feel a stronger sense of community and belonging from this small step.

Shawn Marshall

As Chair of the Centre for the Study of Living Standards I am very much interested in individuals’ and societies’ well-being. Those who study well-being have come to realize they need to broaden their perspective beyond standard measures such as employment and income. Social connections feature prominently in self-assessments of happiness or well-being. Solid social and family connections are common factors for individuals and societies who age well, physically and mentally. The Great Disconnect provides a masterful distillation of these theoretical links to well-being. But the documentary provides its greatest service in demonstrating at the personal level how connections support well-being and isolation leads to mental and physical impairment. The documentary is informative and entertaining while driving home a powerful lesson in this era of the great disconnect. Hang up and connect!

Don Drummond
Former Chief Economist and SVP, TD Bank Former Associate Deputy Minister, Finance Canada Stauffer-Dunning Fellow, Queen's University

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